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Oges Post
27 feb

Upstream 4.0: Challenges And Solutions

Digitalization in oil and gas” or “4th industrial revolution introduced in oil and gas” is echoing in recent.....

Oges Post
23 feb

Recruitment Challenges in Engineering

A survey by Indeed has revealed that 86% of Hiring Managers and Recruiters believe that it is challenging to hire.....

Oges Post
18 feb

Digitalization, Aqueduct Towards Zero Emission

Zero-emission, is it possible? A never-ending wrangle between the lobbies of activists or renewables and oil and.....

Oges Post
16 feb

How to Avoid Last Minute Offer Back-Outs

Only a Recruiter can share how heartbreaking it is to see a candidate, who seems enthusiastic being.....

Oges Post
12 feb

Digitalization, Upholds Dwindling Upstream

Digitalization supports and brings out many industries from their slacken phase, upstream oil and gas sector.....

Oges Post
08 feb

Recruitment Trends in 2021

Covid-19 has shaken up all industries and forced us to advance ahead of what was planned, Recruitment is no.....

Oges Post
01 feb

Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas Industry

With this increase in hunger and erred in human nature, all humanity feels like a deer entering the lion's mouth.....